GRP fiberpipe pipes are:

    • Highly resistant to chemicals, gases, salt water and frowns
    • Corrosion-resistant and durable
    • Lightweight: very easy to transport
    • Quick mountable – easy processing
    • Heat, cold and pressure resistant
    • Custom-made dimensions and properties
    • Fully compatible due to ISO dimensions

Shortened assembly

The lightweight GRP pipes enable faster and significantly more cost-effective assembly and processing than conventional piping systems. All possible components, pipe pieces and connections are prefabricated and delivered for assembly. This saves time and costs. Through precise planning, we reduce the installation and closing time – and thus the duration of the plant downtime – to an extreme minimum. In some cases by up to 80 percent.

Simply integrated

Fiberpipe’s standard pipe system is designed according to ISO dimensions. Fiberpipe pipes are fully compatible with existing pipe systems. Standard components can be used as brackets.

Fiberpipe pipes and containers

  • increase operational safety,
  • minimize downtime,
  • extend the service life of the components,
  • maximize plant availability.

Warehouse management and 24-hour service

Fiberpipe conveniently functions as an extended pipeline warehouse for many companies and plant operators. The decisive factor here is the generous storage range as well as fast delivery times – Fiberpipe ensures that all desired products are always available at short notice. On request, we can also provide a 24-hour repair service with our experienced employees – with protective equipment and with the highest safety requirements.

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