Absolute resistance to internal and external influences make fiberglass containers universally applicable. From large tank farms with diameters of up to 8,000 mm and 800 m³ capacity to smaller containers for all branches of industry: Pressure resistance and robustness make Fiberpipe containers attractive

Components in plant and power plant construction. GRP containers are ideal storage tanks for all operating materials: from fully demineralized water to chips, suspensions, solutions and acids to flue gases. The insensitive surfaces are easy to clean. The containers are corrosion-resistant, easy and quick to install and particularly durable.

Working with Fiberpipe containers:

  • Larox GmbH, Alsdorf (Germany)
  • Conergy SolarModule GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt/Oder (Germany)
  • Rippert Anlagentechnik, Herzebrock-Clarholz (Germany)
  • Breitner Abfüllanlagen GmbH, Schwäbisch Hall (Germany)
  • SiC Processing GmbH, Bautzen (Germany)

GRP Container

GRP Container

GRP Container

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